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Snippets 5 December 2006.

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As the year draws to a close the following matters are brought to the attention of members:

The ISEAís sympathies are extended to President Norman McCulla and Treasurer Juho Looveer on the recent passing away of their respective mothers. Our thoughts and best wishes are with Norman, Juho and their families at this sad time.

Response from the DET to ISEAís Request for Information:
Members will recall that in July the ISEA met with the Director-General and other senior officers to discuss matters of mutual interest. The ISEA delegation received an undertaking that the DET would provide the ISEA with responses and information around a range of issues which included:

  • Recruitment trends for CEO and Senior Officer positions;

  • Commitment to Professional development for senior officers;

  • ISEAís participation on a range of personnel panels;

  • Overseas travel support for senior officers; and

  • The role of the ISEA in supporting DET policies and programs.

By November the ISEA had received only a partial response to two of the issues raised and so sought an indication as to when full responses would be received. At a recent meeting with Trish Kelly and Peter Riordan the ISEA was given an assurance that responses to all of the issues raised would be provided before Christmas.

When that occurs the DETís response will be passed onto ISEA members. It could make interesting New Yearís reading!

Permanent Classification for School Development Officers:
The ISEA recently drew the DETís attention to the inconsistency between the advertisements for 4 School Development Officer (CEO) positions. In the case of 2 advertisements the designation of temporary status was contrary to an agreement with the DET as to the criteria by which NSBETS positions would be declared temporary or permanent.

It is pleasing to report that the DET has accepted the ISEAís viewpoint and the positions have been re-advertised as permanent.

This has been an important issue for the ISEA for several years and has indeed led to action in the industrial Relations Commission by the ISEA and the Teachersí Federation. Permanency not only better recognises the significance of a NSBTS position but affords the successful applicant a measure of job, salary and life-style security not available in a temporary position. It also allows the DET to formulate longer term strategic and operational plans around a team of highly skilled permanent staff.

ISEA Finances Due for Audit
The ISEA finances are due for audit. Preliminary calculations suggest that the Instituteís financial situation continues to improve due to increased membership and rearrangements of investments.

Salary Sacrifice Provisions Extended:
The ISEA, the Teachersí Federation and the Public Service Association recently appeared before the Industrial Relations Commission to support a DET submission for the extension of the Salary Sacrifice provisions for DET staff from 50% of a salary to 100%.

This change of provision has wider implications than is first apparent and members are advised to contact Dean Godbee of Chifley Financial Services on 9273 0031. Chifley Financial Services operates on behalf of the Unions of NSW.

 ISEA Activities for 2006
The ISEA, in the absence of the need to negotiate Salaries and Conditions Awards, has been able to turn its attention to other personnel and professional development matters during 2006. These have included:

  • The successful negotiation of salary increments for 4 members who, although clearly eligible, had been denied increments;

  • Participation on an Appeals Panel in the case of the filling of a CEO position;
  • The successful negotiation of the status of positions as permanent as opposed to temporary;
  • Representation of members faced with complaints or grievances;
  • Responses, informed by members, to position or policy papers put forward for comment by the DET;
  • Meetings with the Minister, the Director-General and other DET senior officers to discuss matters of mutual concern; and
    • Conduct of the following professional development activities:
    • A two-week study tour to the USA and Canada
    • A dinner in cooperation with the Michigan State University
    • Two Breakfast sessions in cooperation with the ACER
    • Two seminars in cooperation with Chifley Financial Services
    • A lunchtime seminar in cooperation with Macquarie University

During the year there has been a steady growth of membership despite the regular retirement, resignation or redeployment of members. A recruitment drive is planned for early 2007.

The belief is that DET senior officers are going to need the ISEA in the event of a State Election and an inevitable restructure.

Seasons Greetings:
The President and State Council of the ISEA extend the Seasonís greetings to members, their friends and families for a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

Ron Ikin
ISEA Executive Officer

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