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Edition 1
2 December 2005

Welcome to the first edition of Snippets, a new and regular feature of the ISEA website. Through this new website feature, the ISEA aims to keep you, its members, informed about the work of the ISEA executive, issues, activities, and news. ISEA members are welcome to send any news items (e.g. members who have gained promotion) to  to be included in Snippets.

Leave Reserve Clause to Negotiate Patterns of Work for CEOs
In resolving the current award (which runs out on 31 December 2005), the ISEA successfully argued before the Industrial Relations Commission for a leave reserve clause to negotiate  more satisfactory procedures for CEOs patterns of work.  There has been continuing discussions with the Department regarding this and the ISEA is hopeful of a positive outcome within the next week.


 CEOs Salaries and Conditions Award 2006

Following preliminary discussions with the senior officers in the Industrial Relations Directorate regarding the Salaries and Conditions Award for CEOs, the ISEA has written to the Director-General for salary increases for CEO to take effect from 1 January 2006. To date there has been no response from the Department.


Permanent vs Temporary CEO Appointments

The matter of permanency for CEOs is, and has been for sometime, of major concern to the ISEA. A key issue of debate is the use in advertisements of the term "recent school-based experience,".


Earlier this year the ISEA believed that the Science and Languages positions in the Curriculum K-12 Directorate were incorrectly advertised as temporary when a correct application of the agreed criteria clearly would have made them permanent. The matter was urgently taken up with the DET and it was agreed that an incorrect determination had been made. The DET further indicated that the positions would be declared permanent the next time they were advertised.


Although the DET admitted error in the case of these two positions, the ISEA does not agree with the solution offered and recently took up the matter with the Director-General.


The recent advertisement of a further 5 CEO Curriculum K-12 positions as temporary has only added to the confusion and highlights the gross inconsistency which still applies, even within the one Directorate.


The ISEA immediately took up the matter with the General Manager, Human Resources and as a result will meet with the General Manager, Learning Development and the Director, Curriculum on Friday to further the matter.


The ISEA awaits with interest the proposed meeting and an explanation of this latest interpretation of the status of these positions. You will be kept informed of the outcome of the meeting.


CEO Induction

The DET has accepted a proposal from the ISEA to conduct an induction program for existing and newly appointed CEOs. The ISEA will work with the DET to develop the program which will be offered in early February 2006. Details will be provided as the program is developed.


ISEA Theatre Party

The ISEA organised a very successful  theatre party to the NIDA production of 'Love Letters' on Sunday 27 November. As well as wonderful theatre, the group were able to meet the two stars, Noni Hazelhurst and Shane Bourne, as well as the theatre manager at NIDA and Love Letter's Producer, Les Currie. Both Noni and Shane had won AFI awards the previous evening and had flown back from Melbourne in time for the performance.


Photos of the event are in the Photo Gallery - Click Here


Keep an eye on the website in the future for more opportunities such as this one.



Congratulations to Vicki Kempton who has recently been appointed as a School Education Director in the Riverina.


 CEO positions

The ISEA is keen to hear of changes in CEO positions. If you know of a CEO position in your directorate or region that may have been recently established, filled, disestablished, or vacated, could you please let the ISEA know by sending an email to







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